How to distinguish between a diamond and a zirconia?

The diamond is the most expensive gem in the world. Many attempts have been made to duplicate it, cubic zirconia, regular zirconia, white sapphire and rhinestones like moissanite. Most experts will recommend that if you are interested in a stone and want to make sure that you are about to buy a real diamond and not a substitute; Take the gem in question and take it with a certified jeweler to evaluate it. If you want to do it on your own, you can try it; but you must be careful, because more than any other natural stone, a zirconia can look quite similar to a diamond. On the other hand, it is necessary to remember that it is very likely that you will not be able to determine what type of stone you have. The best thing is that you will definitely know if it is a diamond or not.

The origin is not the same

First clarify the different origin of both. Zirconium was discovered in the form of oxide of the zirconium mineral (ZrSiO4) by the German chemist Martin Henrich Klaproth. It treats of a metal of transition of white color and next to the titanium. It is found in the origin of zirconium oxide, a fine stone like diamond. On the other hand, the diamond is a mineral composed of carbon, known since antiquity. The diamond has different origins: the terrestrial mantle, volcanic phenomena, sediments, organisms.

In addition, synthetic zirconia, like synthetic stone, is perfectly distinguished from natural diamond. Zirconia or diamond? We are helping you to know how to distinguish them.

The centenary and its history

The centenary is a coin that was first minted in 1921 as a common currency to commemorate the first Centennial of Mexican Independence. In 1931 his coinage was suspended and he had to wait until 1964 to be able to return to the currency. On the obverse it presents an ancient Mexican national shield, on its back it shows us the Angel of Independence monument, in the background the Iztacciuatl and Popocatépetl volcanoes can be seen.This coin has a pure gold content of 1.20565 OZ, and a purity of 0.900, making it one of the highest quality coins in the world.This coin is based on the original design of the series freedom coins.

The celebration of the 15 in the USA

The celebration became popular in the United States first during the 1930s and has sometimes been combined with the American custom of “sweet sixteen”, which celebrates the sixteenth anniversary of the girl, also with the sense of “presentation in society” of the young.

Every time this party is celebrated in the USA and the girls have the illusion that they will have their great ceremony when they become quinceañeras. In 2004, the Conference of Catholic Bishops of the United States approved a specific liturgy for this celebration, during which the young woman is presented before the parish community as an adult and receives a blessing that includes -according to the text of the bishops- ” the commitment of the quinceañera with God and with the virgin Mary to live her life according to the teachings of Christ. ” The celebration of the quinceañera is not limited to Catholics, but is common in Christian churches. In many parishes, the presentation ritual of the young woman includes a procession, formed by a much younger girl who carries a heart-shaped pillow with a crown and a child who carries on another pillow a replica of high-heeled shoes. The climax of the celebration takes place when the quinceañera changes her shoes. The father, if present, is the one who takes off his low-heeled shoes and puts on high heels: the girl who came in with childhood shoes walks out as a young woman.