The Centenary and the bezels?

The Centenary and the bezels?

The centenary and its history.

The centenary It is a coin that was first minted in 1921 as a common currency to commemorate the first centenary of Mexican independence. In 1931, his minting was suspended and he had to wait until 1964 to return to the currency. In the obverse it presents an old Mexican national shield, in the back it shows us the monument of the Angel of Independence, in the background you can see the volcanoes Iztacciuatl and Popocatépetl.

This coin has a pure gold content of 1,20565 OZ and a purity of 0.900, which makes it one of the highest quality coins in the world. This coin is based on the original design of the series of freedom coins.

What should you know about the centenary?

One of the most emblematic coins of Mexico and the best known today, such as the 50-year-old Centennial Peso.

Famous for its beauty and its dimensions, since it is 20% larger than its American companion the Eagle of 1 Ounce. What makes it a large piece, composed of 37.5 grams of pure gold over a total of 41.66 grams, the proportion is 90% Gold and 10% copper to ensure the strength and durability of the coin, as it is It does with most manufactured in the west.

This Mexican copy, has more than one attribute, apart from its aesthetic value, has a great historical value, a low premium and an important number of runs or fabrications, which make it a good acquisition for those who wish to invest in currencies of Gold in the long term.

“Original Centenary”

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